Here's just a small sampling of the value I’ve helping companies generate over the years.


Amyris, Inc. (AMRS)

Taking Automated Strain Engineering from Proof-of-Concept
to Platform Technology

metabolic engineering platform development

Brought on to develop the Automated Strain Engineering (ASE) platform beyond proof-of-concept to full operationalization. ASE standardizes all aspects of microbial genetic engineering from the design and manufacturing of DNA to the modification of DNA in the microbe. This standardization of methods and materials accelerates strain engineering 300-fold over traditional strain engineering methods, while freeing up employees to develop new products at the same accelerated pace.

Contributions: Evaluated and implemented several pivotal process enhancements across all ASE stages leading to multiple publications [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] by the company



Industrialization of an Existing Platform

Brought on to expand the impact of Intrexon’s Industrial Products Division on multiple fronts: 1) custom ELN/LIMS software development for diverse metabolic engineering situations; 2) enhanced high-throughput DNA construction for a incredible range of organisms; and 3) standardization of methanotroph genetic engineering toolbox

Contributions: 1) an integrated and enterprise-level industry-leading DNA manufacturing system called “Molecular Biology Operations”; 2) built a tight-knit high-performance team through successful recruitment, training, and culture creation that continues to facilitate new products; 3) designed, built and trained staff on methanotroph and yeast DNA best practices



From a Funded Vision to a Value-Generating R&D Lab

Brought on-board to ensure successful implementation of a Directed Evolution platform through effective diversity generation, genetic selection, screening, and validation of novel oncolytic virus variants. More information will be available as it becomes public knowledge.